Jain Society of Northern Virginia Board of trustees is composed of great individuals that have come together to create the best pathshala for all member families.

As directors of a non profit and as members of this institution we are responsible for educating the next generation of Jains and for creating new knowledge. Trustees are the keepers of the mission of Jain Society of Northern Virginia. Educating the qualified individuals from all walks of life to become the leaders pf our local, national and international Jain sangh (community).
They must pay particular close attention to the mission and the obligations of the society that are unique to our organization.

  • Board of Trustees:

  • 1. Prakash Mehta
  • 2. Parag Shah
  • 3. Viral Masalia
  • 4. Nilesh Parikh
  • 5. Akshay Doshi

JS of NOVA inspires ethical and spiritual development through learning and practicing
Principles of Jainism.